ECFA features Film EDUcation

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In June 2020, the ECFA – European Children’s Film Association, which brings together more than 125 members from 36 countries, published a text about our platform on its website highlighting its features. This is especially significant given that the entire content on our platform is translated into English, so that it is available for use outside Croatia.

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Film EDUcation program gets a digital platform

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With a digital platform, the Croatian Film Association brings Film EDUcation to all Croatian primary and secondary schools!


Film EDUcation is an interactive film education program intended for primary and secondary school students throughout the Republic of Croatia.

The program is intended for children and young people and their teachers. All of them have the opportunity to see various award-winning films by young authors in their classrooms, shown as part of the Croatian Children’s Film Festival and the Youth Film Festival & Four River Film Festival. The films were chosen according to their aesthetic value, but also in accordiance with the age of the students. By watching and more closely analyzing the works of their peers, the participants of Film EDUcation also get an incentive to engage in film.

The platform enables students and teachers to actively participate in the creative teaching process, provides teachers with pre-formulated questions for guided discussion, is available at and is free to use.

The use of the platform begins by watching the introductory videos made by the leaders of the Film EDUcation. Their purpose is to acquaint the participants with the world of film and film creativity of children and youth. Selected films are watched, and after watching them with their students, the teachers are expected to lead and moderate a discussion, aided by directed questions shaped according to specially made templates. Films on the digital platform remain available to students so they can watch them again, as well as independently answer questions created for the purpose of more detailed content analysis, in an interactive way. By completing these activities, they will acquire basic film knowledge (from theory to film history), film literacy and develop an understanding of the film language.

The one-hour class programs, in which students and teachers will watch films together, consist of short films awarded at the Croatian Children’s Film Festival, the Youth Film Festival & Four River Film Festival.

The program is based on the methodology of film teaching, and was created according to the ideas and many years of practice of its leaders Ana Đordić, prof. and doc. art. Jelena Modrić and at the instigation of Vera Robić Škarica, the former president of the Croatian Film Association.

“The main intention of the project is to encourage the balanced development of film literacy throughout Croatia and to develop a system which brings film art closer to schools, regardless of their geographical location. There is a special focus on schools that are not able to participate in regular CFA’s programs such as the School of Media Culture „dr. Ante Peterlić“, Film Workshops for Children and Youth in Kraljevica, Educational Programs at the Tuškanac Cinema and Film EDUcation at the Tuškanac Cinema. The project contributes to the development of young people’s competencies, with teachers being professionally trained in an area that is underrepresented, both in teaching and in the professional development program, thus becoming more competitive in the labor market and opening new opportunities for working with children and youth for themselves. So far, we received really positive feedback from the teachers and children who are already involved in the project.”

said Sanja Zanki Pejić, head of festival and educational programs of the Croatian Film Association.

The program is supported by the Croatian Association of Technical Culture and the Croatian Ministry of Culture.